Environmental Management

ICBP strives to increase the awareness of environmental protection and conservation through the following programs:

    PROPER refers to Program for Pollution Control, Evaluation and Rating, conducted by the Ministry of Environment and Forest of the Republic of Indonesia. All of ICBP’s operating units have voluntarily assessed themselves against PROPER standards, including environmental documentations and permits, to water and air pollution control, hazardous waste management and the monitoring of environmental parameters according to prevailing regulations.  

  • Environmental Management
    The Company is committed to improving its energy management system and encouraging its operating units to adopt alternative energy sources that help to preserve the environment.
    In 2016, ICBP has carried out changes such as rearranging the lighting points in some of operating units as well as converting to energy-saving LED lights.

  • Water Management
    ICBP strive to conserve our water source by minimizing water needs, recirculating used water through a clean-in-place system to wash and clean the interior of equipment, also by planting trees in areas where its production facilities are located, as well as in surrounding communities. Bio-pores and infiltration wells have also been created to increase the capacity of groundwater.
    During the year, ICBP has been continuously monitoring the growth of trees planted by the Company and Indofood in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Indonesia, in the protected forest of Jumok Mulyosari Village and the riverbanks at Brantas, located in the valley of Mount Willis, East Java.

  • Waste Management
    ICBP facilitates its operating units with the Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP) to ensure that the Company has conducted good practices in waste water management.

    ICBP is also committed to establishing exemplary practices in solid waste management. In 2016, the Company has carried out a variety of initiatives to this end, including reusing organic sludge as compost and solid waste segregation.

    ICBP and Indofood collaborate with Mercy Corp and Mitra Bentala, one of the local NGOs, on the building of waste banks in Bandar Lampung’s subdistricts of Kota Karang, Panjang Selatan and Pulau Pasaran. Through this program, the Company has contributed to managing post consumption waste properly, and engaging the community to participate in the program.

  • Promoting Green Office
    In addition to our environmental conservation activities with the communities, ICBP also promote environmentally friendly habits among its employees through its Green Office programs. The initiatives have been implemented since 2015 through education and campaigns on waste segregation, and activities to promote the reduction of energy, water and paper usage.